Saturday, 28 June 2008

A plethora of door-stops

I have made twelve door-stops from scraps of material and a bag of play-sand. I have made decorative hearts with ribbon and have about a hundred potted plants - all ready for a car-boot (now post-poned to next weekend) sale to raise money for the 'family crisis'. I have various old ornaments, toys and knic-knacs too. It's what families do... help each other in difficult times.

I've just found out that the family crisis, or debt has now been paid for by my 'ex'. So, does anyone want to buy a door-stop? I have tried, in my own little way to help, but it will no doubt go unnoticed. If there is to be no car-boot sale next week, then I shall give all plants away to my fellow Green Gymmers.

No tears today... feeling not so 'down' any more and had an enjoyable morning at the one in four Saturday Green Gyms. Just a few of us women who worked hard in a Memorial Garden in the rare sunshine. Then I worked hard in my own garden, wishing I had a bigger plot in which to be creative. Ah well, any garden is better than no garden. It took me ages to figure out why the water wasn't coming out of the watering can... a frog was trapped in the spout. I lay the can down and he eventually came out and is now hiding somewhere in amongst my undersized runner beans.

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