Sunday, 13 January 2008

Pink and elegant

The Cotswold Wildlife Park has something for everyone... like our local Post Office and the Co-op! No matter what your interests or inclinations, there is something to interest everyone. It is a great place to take the family, with enough to cater for a whole day out. No... they're not paying me for advertising. It's where I take my grandchildren when I've exhausted everything else! The cost is worth it!

I used to have a Sister-in-law who, like the flamingoes pictured was pink and elegant. I never saw her without make-up or with unkempt hair like mine first thing in the morning. She was perfect in her appearance, but not so in her manners. In fact, she was pink, perfect, and pretentious. I no longer am subjected to her pretentiousness of which I am grateful. Unlike me, she has no grandchildren, that I know of, although she would dearly love some. Unlike me, I don't believe she was truly loved and in love. And, unlike me, she didn't like other women very much. I endured visits to her house to please my beloved, as we all do when in a loving relationship. Would I do the same again? No. I was falsely wooed into believing she liked me, only to be rejected when we invited her and her husband to our wedding, and to which they staunchly refused to come. Pink, perfect and pretentious, just like aloof flamingoes. Although I think I would trust a flamingo any day.