Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Tranquility and Bat Boxes

Good day at the Green Gym - making Bat Boxes - of a sort! They weren't perfect, but Bats may like them. I wanted to paint them and write words like 'Dunroamin' on the front. All the boxes have gone to the local Bat Society, who may or may not like the results. However, the experience was good for all involved.

The afternoon was spent making door-stops out of left-over fabric samples and play-sand ready for the car-boot sale this weekend... all to raise money for the family crises, of which I will not go into.

No real Gym tonight... too knackered and not in the mood to repel amourous ageing men in the Jacuzzi. Don't know whether it's the time of year or just that I'm tired, but not a good evening and very 'down'. Will probably wake up tomorrow feeling fine. Just one of those moments that pop up every now and then. It's been a while since feeling like this, but I suppose it's bound to happen. Grief just doesn't disappear, it just hides until a moment of low confidence or when the weather gets me down, or just for no reason at all.


Puddock said...

You are so right - grief is really sneaky. It does hide in waiting until you are having a bad time, or you're feeling grotty, and then it jumps out and reduces you to a crumpled heap.

Hope today's going better :)

JennyB said...

I'm sorry to indulge in self-pity, but you know what I mean when I say there doesn't seem to be a future... not in my crystal ball anyhow. I think I am just existing on a day to day basis despite all my talk about courses and wanting to live again. It's good to hear from another crumpled heap. Let's hope we uncrumple and straighten up soon.