Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Good Weekend

Two friends have stayed with me this weekend, and it was so good to have them here... to laugh with, to share my home cooking with, and to talk about old times. Having visitors really motivates me to sort out all the rooms, tidy and clean, which I have to say, get very untidy... it must be the cats!

We went to Stow-on-the-Wold and browsed all afternoon, then had a really great meal at the local gastro-pub.

Yesterday I was very tired and spent the day reading, snoozing and potting in the garden. Today I am ready for physical work again and will attack the garden... planting loads of things like clematis, firethorn and runner beans. I always end up with far too much of everything because I sow the whole packet of seeds and take lots of cuttings, thinking that there will be at least a 50% failure rate. I never learn! All seeds germinate and All cuttings take! Consequently, I end up giving lots of plants to friends and family. Meanwhile, I shall have to reduce the lawn yet again to make room for all these gorgeous plants that are left over.

One of the jobs I applied for has offered me an interview and has emailed me a 36 page document of their Principles. I enquired about the type of teaching required and didn't get a direct answer. In the end, I would be reinforcing laid down policies that are already online as learning packs for staff. Not the type of teaching job I wanted. They also said the hours would increase to full time. So, I have told them, thank you, but it isn't what I want. I know I'm being 'picky', but I've had too many awful jobs, to go through it all again. I shall hold out for a job with Green Gym, or setting up my own business, and doing my archaeology course in the Autumn.

Some people may think that I should get any job, but I will not jump into anything that my Gut Instinct warns me against.

My instinct tells me to wait and look after myself, especially while I am still having episodes of grief, which can floor me at unexpected moments, just when I think I am 'over it'.