Tuesday, 24 June 2008

For the Chop

My geraniums didn't get the 'Chelsea Chop' because they didn't flower until after the Chelsea Show. They will get a chop next month in the hope they will then flower again in late August or September. My box didn't get the 'Derby Day' chop either - I forgot, so will be giving them the 'next week chop' instead.

I thought the admirer I had last year at the Gym had also been given the chop, but no! He's resurfaced and is trying again to catch my attention in the Jacuzzi. He is even getting his friend; an amiable Welsh man, to talk to me whileI sit in the Jacuzzi. There's nothing wrong with the Admirer - very well formed muscles in all the right places and now covered in a deep mediterranean tan, with chest hair silverish and head hair shaved close which suits him and is at least tidy. Teeth okay and eyes blue. He's just not my sort and much shorter than me. Perhaps I'm just too picky!

I smile politely and go for a long swim, deciding that the Jacuzzi is too hot a place to sit for long. I left after showering and dressing, passing them in the bar, not looking or making eye contact. There's no use in giving the chap any hope. My lovely man was too tall and handsome for anyone else to match up to. So, the problem is definitely me!


Puddock said...

The opposite sex are a lot more available down there - or maybe it's just me.

Mind you, I sometimes feel as if I've had my 'go' at love and marriage and all that stuff. Like you, I look at the blokes my age about the place and I think "There is no way I would want to share a bathroom/kitchen/remote control with this guy." But more than that, I feel that I've done the love thing. I was pretty lucky once and I can't expect to be lucky again. Or maybe I'm just getting choosier in my old age...

JennyB said...

Y'know, I don't think there are a lot more of the opposite sex available down here. I've heard that the Green Gym in Inverness is a veritable centre for meeting the opposite sex, and Ullie, the leader is a great lady - I can recommend the Green Gym for getting out and about and doing something other than focussing in on oneself (all without any pressure).

Like you I think I've had my shot at love and happiness with someone. Although I read an article about Pierce Brosnan who has fallen in love for the second time in his life. (Or, is a man's idea of falling in love different from ours?) And like you I am choosier in my old age. We must try and keep our sense of humour despite the black days when grief creeps in again, just when I thought it had been banished for good.