Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hair Colour and Lego

I am absolutely knackered... who'd have thought that two small boys could wear me out more than digging the vegetable plot or shifting compost bags? I'm out of practice I suppose! They have been very good, but the constant questions and chatter is something I'm definitely not used to... my cats by comparison, will meow or chirp now and again, and they don't require an indepth response, more of a "hello gorgeous girl or boy", is enough to satisfy them.

We have covered various topics; from the colour of my hair and is it natural... to how my beloved actually died, with talk of how to poison someone without being detected (these two topics not being related), and would a piece of Lego in the ear require a hospital visit?

Tomorrow I'm taking them along to the Green Gym, and they have baked a variety of Muffins and some Cheese Straws to give to everyone, (I made them scrub their hands thoroughly so as not to cause the deaths of some of the older members of the group).

Meanwhile, Pebble has disappeared to the plot of wasteland next door... he still hasn't regained his confidence after being hounded out of his Den (the underneath of the Sofa Bed), when the neighbours looked after them while I was away. He will wander in later tonight once he's sure there are no interlopers in the house. I shall soak my weary aching shoulders in a hot bath and I may just have a Gin and Tonic tonight... better leave it 'til Friday when I really will need it!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Speed and Umbrellas

Just when I thought the good warm British summer weather was here, I've had to put plants back in the Greenhouse for protection. The garden umbrella, (too large and heavy for me to erect myself, but put in place with the help of daughter and partner), has tilted over and is precariously balancing across the wooden table and about to fly off to Never-land.

The cats won't go outside, but sit by the French window with legs crossed. Birds try to alight on the Bird Feeder but end up flying off at right-angles across the Farmer's field. Poppy heads have snapped off and the garden swing is really swinging. I'm about to look after my two grandsons for the coming week (half-term seemed to come along very quickly), and I don't really want them cooped up in the house all week. Having said all this, I have a roof over my head, am not injured, lost or without food and water, so what am I complaining about? Nothing! I'm still here, still breathing, still waiting to find my way on the long road of grief, but thankful that my life is not a whole lot worse.

I attended the Speed Awareness course last Friday, along with about twenty-something others and for two and a half hours we listened and completed our computer-based speed awareness test and watched videos of the effect of speeding. It was a better course than I'd imagined and I was not arrogant enough to sit with arms folded, legs crossed and unwilling to participate, as some were. We were all offenders of driving at between 34 - 38 mph in a 30 mph zone. At least I don't have 3 points on my license and I have learnt a few things that may prevent me from causing a child to die.

There goes the umbrella... off into the grey, wet evening.