Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Off on a Trip

Off oop north for a short visit to friends, then back to either finish decorating the Hall, Landing and Stairs (no mean job); or forget that and start watercolour painting again; or cut back the overhanging bramble (supposed to be Beech) hedge that belongs to my neighbours; or concentrate on researching for a job interview that's coming up in a couple of weeks.

I keep asking myself how many hours a week could I work without compromising my new-found optimism and feel-good mood? I really need the money, but have decided not to work full time now and will hold out for part-time work. Most of my decisions until now have revolved around what to have for dinner; shall I wash the car; shall I go for a swim tonight; or does that Apple sapling need moving... I may be past giving anything to society... I may not be up to it... or, I've forgotten how to make proper decisions. Heaven help any students I may teach!

It's one of those 'Fate' times again!