Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I had a great time last night... playing and tinkering with 'Resists'. Like a two year old at play school I experimented with masking fluid, vaseline, washing up liquid, crayons, credit cards, toothbrushes and various other media in order to create special effects within watercolour artwork. Two hours whizzed by. I had to scrub the desk at the end of the session so that the child who normally sits there during the school day doesn't get into trouble!

The tutor brought in one of his paintings, which I must say, was extremely good, and reinforced my faith in his ability. I am learning so much more this term and so glad I changed venue and course.

However, not wishing to use my credit card for special effects, I used my blood donor card instead... due to my not being able to donate blood any more. Apparently, I need it more than anyone else, having fainted several times in the past three years since my lovely man died. I have low blood pressure and a low heart rate, and whenever I'm stressed I tend to pass out... rather like a breed of goat found in Africa. If a passer by said 'Boo' to one of these goats, they'd keel over for a few seconds then get up again and continue grazing.

Now for some more stress-free painting.