Saturday, 14 July 2007

Where do I begin?

Widowhood wasn't planned. I didn't see it coming, it just happened one night at 1.30 on a Sunday morning, suddenly, cruelly and quietly. After writing my thoughts on scraps of paper for the last 22 months I've decided to create a blog and hopefully share my sometimes quirky, humourous and sad experiences and insights of surviving (or at least attempting to) life after my husband's death.

Nothing seems real until the Funeral is over, guests depart, promises of phone calls and visits are stated; sympathy cards line every dusty surface. Distraught daughters wash up cups and plates and the cat wanders in and out of the rooms confused, as do I. It all seems so long ago now. And a note here for all those who haven't yet experienced the death of a lover, soul-mate, but nevertheless dived in and said things like "it will take time," or "time will slowly heal" or as one person said quietly to me: "don't worry, it won't be long til you find another man", I'd like to say; You don't have a clue, and it isn't actually strictly true that 'Time Heals', and as for finding another man - that's a separate chapter that I'd like to discuss soon.