Sunday, 22 June 2008

Odd requests but not for a Massage Club

Is it me? I was just about to start the next chapter of my writing when the phone rang at this late hour... I walked into my bedroom thinking 'this is probably another call for a call girl'; I answered "Yes?" The reply: "My friend wants a prostitute..." I interrupted, "You have misdialled, this is not a massage club or anything else, goodbye." He persisted, "no, listen, my friend really wants a prostitute now..." I answered, "Tough"! I hung up.

What is it with men? If I think about sex I dig the garden or go to the Gym and pound the treadmill. Men think they have a right to phone and demand a prostitute. Have women (in general) made this so? I don't know what to do about this... I really don't want to change my phone number as it is linked to all sorts of electronic systems and to a lot of friends and family etc., and why should I? I think I shall just make their lives difficult by answering them in any way I see fit at the time.

Most of these phone calls result in an apology from the embarrassed caller. This time the caller refused to accept that he'd dialled incorrectly and kept insisting he wanted a prostitute. He was either drunk, (very probable), or very stupid, (even more probable), or both. Now, I know that I miss intimacy and contact of all kinds with a man, but I could never consider allowing a man to use me. I think any woman who does this kind of thing for a living is a tough woman and has a clear view of what is just a job, and what is intimacy. I admire her ability to distinguish between the two and to earn a living thus. Me? I'd make each man dig an allotment, cut down a tree and erect a wooden shed... then see if he was still up for anything. If he was, then he'd be my kind of man!

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