Monday, 15 June 2009

Yobs and Low Life galore!

Do I attract these amoebic forms of life towards me? I'm talking about being shouted abuse at by some passing cyclists... two youths carrying gardening tools (makes a change from knives), who just launched into a tirade of language at me, for no reason. Luckily I was in my car, and for a moment, almost veered over as they cycled toward me, which would certainly not have killed them... but they would have ended up in the muddy stream.

I asked at the Post Office if two boys, with bikes and gardening tools had called in... and yes, they had, and yes, everyone knew their names, and their parents who all live unhappily in this little village.

An elderly man said his allotment had been vandalised by the same two boys, losing him weeks, months of hard graft and produce.

Another elderly woman said they had approached her as she was walking to the shop and shouted abuse in her face, calling all sorts of derogatory names... you can imagine! I asked if anyone had reported them... and all shook their heads... "Naw, not worth it... nothing will get done!" And I thought, what a sad indictment of the state of our society and it's faith in our law enforcement.

So much for the village getting so upset about the Travellers' camp a mile away... I think the villagers ought to sort out their own problems!

Now where did I put my father's air gun???

PS. Hogday... can I borrow your mate - he with the balaclava and big muscles? No, must not go down the vigilante route... who knows where it would end??