Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More artwork

I think I'm getting the 'hang' of this now! I attempted this scene - taken from my beginners watercolour book, (Alwyn Crawshaw, Collins Press). I did it in a couple of hours, taking a break midway to make a cup of tea while the mountains and sky dried. That was when Pebble decided to walk across it. His paw prints can still be seen despite my repair work.

I took it into Art class yesterday evening to lots of applause from classmates, however, the teacher thought it looked a bit like 'paint by numbers'.

During the evening I managed two more snow scenes, trying not to make them look as though they were 'paint by numbers', while the teacher went in and out of the classroom more times than a fiddler's elbow. At the end of the session she handed us a piece of A5 pink paper to write down our thoughts on the course. She also told us that the continuation course in January would be another Beginners' course and that she would show us a few more techniques while going through the whole syllabus again. Others were writing out their cheques while I looked on incredulously. Am I the only one to think that this was another College attempt to get 'bums on seats', never mind the level of students?

Before leaving the class for good, I crammed as much onto my small 'course evaluation' piece of paper as was possible, trying to be constructive rather than destructive. To think I used to be the Training Evaluator for a large organisation, designing methodologies for evaluation, review and design of courses! It all seems such a long time ago now, and these recent experiences have made me feel as though I have never existed.

Despite the pleas of my art colleagues, I think I shall pass on signing up for January. I shall look around for another Art class with hopefully, a teacher that has a bit more nouse and who can steer me away from 'paint by numbers'!

More paintings to follow...

Monday, 8 December 2008

A hint of spring

At last week's art class I had to bring in a 'still life' to paint. I grabbed a small pot of miniature daffodils that a kind friend had given me, in the hope that I could do them justice. I surprised myself and probably the teacher too. I am now 'getting it', that is the concept of watercolour painting. Tomorrow is the last class of the beginners' course. Now... do I continue on to the Intermediate level? One or two class mates want me too, so that we can learn together. We have learnt how to drag information out of the teacher... so, why not? I just have to find the money for another ten week course.

As for hearing from the charitable organisation as to the results of their second investigation... today I received a second copy of my Leadership skills qualification. Am I the only one to see the irony of it all? There is no letter, no word, no email or phone call. At least the organisation is constant in its lack of communication.

I will be having a daughter and granddaughter to stay for Christmas after all. No lonely Christmas for me yet, though no doubt, it will happen at some point during the remainder of my lifetime.

Tonight, little amorous man in the jacuzzi (wife absent), asked me if my dancing class (run by the Gym for Children in Need), was any good. 'Yes... really good.' I replied. I went on to describe how we all attempted, with much humour, the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Rock 'n Roll and Samba. He asked if he joined the next class would I be there. 'Umm, not sure - probably not' I said, now on my guard. Pity, says he, as he would very much want to dance with me. Yuk! I got out of the pool, saying 'swapping partners was not allowed.' Not that I had a proper male partner... a girl who works at the Gym has been my partner for the last five weeks. How feeble was my reply to this thick-skinned man? I drove home thinking that I really must be more assertive and next time (and I think that this guy will indeed attempt a 'next time'), I will tell him to eff off! Perhaps that will do the trick!

I'd rather paint daffodils than negotiate around a dance floor with silly little men while their wives look on. Is it me?