Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Ancient stones

There's something very serene, solid and calming about ancient rocks and stones that have been in place since the last ice-age. They weather the storms and ever-changing climate, yet still look beautiful and strong. The stones in this photo are The Plumpton Stones near Weatherby in Yorkshire where my friends and I took a long walk over and around the stones and along the edge of the lake. It was eerily quiet with just the birds singing as though Spring had sprung. A man sat at the edge of the lake with his foot idly placed on his fishing rod while smoking and reading his newspaper. (Multi-tasking - me thinks!)

If only we all could look as calm, serene, beautiful and strong after weathering the storms of what life thows at us. Perhaps if we too, lived as long as The Plumpton Stones we would also be calm, serene, beautiful and strong. But, in such a short life time, we have not the temperament; rather, we want to get in as much living, loving, laughing, crying and wailing as possible before we disappear.