Saturday, 29 March 2008

Right turns down a different path

Just when I thought I was resigned to writing my novel, gardening and tending cats by the log fire, along comes the offer of a job. A phone message from one of the Garden centres I'd contacted a few weeks' ago asked me to call in for a chat, which I did... today! Not the usual commercial garden centre with all sorts of household goods and scented candles to boot! More a serious plant grower with a small retail outlet who are looking for someone enthusiastic for about three or four days a week. I shall be working there next week for two days to see if a) I like the job and b) they like me.

You see what I mean about Destiny? Just when you decide on a path, something happens that makes you take a right turn down a different road. Ah well, nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm very relaxed about it all and it will either work out or it won't.

As for dating online... what a farce! But, it has provided me with valuable insight and information towards my book. The heroine of the story has a few tales to tell as part of her journey to uncover a scam and unwittingly discover happiness along the way - maybe!

Meanwhile, I can't seem to get out of my contract with the dating site...

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Green Gym and satisfaction

I have joined the Green Gym and can recommend it to anyone wishing to exert some energy, meet some new people and do something to conserve our environment. No pressure! All very informal and as long as you are willing to get down and dirty you will fit in.

I saw it advertised on 'The One Show' on BBC a couple of weeks' ago, and then looked it up on the internet; found a local 'Gym', emailed and went along. I worked hard in an old Victorian Walled Garden that needs renovating, along with some interesting and friendly people. I raked, dug, pruned and rescued a Toad, and for three hours on a cold sunny morning I forgot my quest for a part-time job. I ached the next day, but I felt good.

Since then, I have re-painted my kitchen, washed floors and tidied cupboards. Isn't it amazing how we often find things to do in order to feel useful and to stop depression creeping in? Still aching from all this physical work, I ate the last of my Easter Egg and had a glass of wine by the log fire and thought how lucky I am.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Paths to Destiny

Long ago I learnt not to force Destiny. I have always tried to open my mind and opportunities to embrace many paths which would allow Destiny a chance.

I am not afraid to take new paths nor to dismiss unlikely paths. But when paths are blocked to me despite my trying, I don't become depressed or angry. I accept and try another. And so, when I don't receive replies to job applications, or I get refusals and excuses, I sit for a while, analyse possible reasons and move on.

The thing about believing in Destiny is: a) you are more acceptable of decisions, b) you don't get so dissappointed and c) you remain optimistic that there is something waiting for you that has yet to present itself or for you to find.

Bearing all this in mind, I have been thinking about the last two late-night phone calls during this Easter weekend. Quite regularly over the last two years I have received late-night calls from men asking for either a massage or for a couple of girls to be sent round. A bit of detective work proved that my phone number is very similar to that of a local Massage Club, and while at first, I was annoyed, I have become adept at interrupting them mid-sentence to tell them that they've misdialled and are talking to a private number. I smile when they either hang up abruptly or apologise with embarrassment.

So, Destiny is either telling me that I could earn a few pounds by becoming a Masseuse, or that I should change my telephone number. That's the thing about Destiny; you never know when it's happened until you can tie it into a successful outcome. At this point, Destiny sounds dangerously like a religious belief - not a path I wish to take.

Whether destiny, astrological alignment or my ability to bounce back from disappointment, I have decided to give writing another go and have picked up on a discarded novel I'd started before my lovely man died. With sense of humour intact, I am keeping all paths, roads and avenues open so that sometime in the future I can say that there was a good reason why I didn't get all those jobs I applied for.