Sunday, 11 November 2007

Destiny or not

When a white kitten with orange markings bounced around under my moving car I felt sick and useless. It had run out from the hedge at the side of the busy road straight under my car. I braked and in my mirror I saw it run across the road and into a disused industrial site.

I, along with some others who worked nearby scoured buildings and hedgerows but could find no sign of the kitten. A man said the kitten was wild and lived around the buildings.

And so, another call to the RSPCA; it would definitely have been injured, therefore unable to hunt for food and would most probably die shortly. I lay awake that night wondering why? On a long stretch of empty road, why did it run out under my car?

Do things happen for a reason? Or, is every living moment an unknown game of chance with no reason for anything? Why do animals and indeed people die when they do? Not being religious, I don't subscribe to anything being 'God's Will'. Existence is fragile and frightening with some good bits thrown in every now and then, unless there is such a thing as a plan or destiny for us all from the moment we are born. Who knows? I don't. I just cry when I am part of the demise of a lonely wild kitten.

I have saved one kitten, and have probably killed another...

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Poor Bronx Boy said...

Hello JennyB.

Having just read a few posts on your blog I wanted to say hello as someone who, too, is beginning a new journey.

I was sorry to hear about your early widowhood, amused by one of your quite personal stories and enjoyed your photos. The vistas were foreign to me, as they should be, since I live on the other side of the globe.

Anyway, here is my web blog if you'd like to read today's post and a little about myself.