Monday, 12 November 2007

It's a long road

To walk around the entire circumference of the Farmoor Reservoir is approximately two and a half miles. When I first took my two young grandsons there for a walk they moaned and groaned and said they couldn't walk that far. Two years' on they often walk and run around the track and don't think anything of it.

Pebble and Banjo still have a long road to conquer; I'm playing Referee constantly, separating hissing fits and intervening in long cat stares. Last night I gave up and went to bed leaving them the whole house to sort out their battles. I read for a while and as soon as I switched off my bedside lamp Banjo jumped up on the bed and assumed her usual and rightful position. I heard nothing of Pebble and wondered if he'd been mauled to death in the Utility room. At around 7am I felt rather than heard or saw a cat near my head and thinking it was Banjo about to put out her paw to wake me as usual, I stretched up my arm to stroke her. It was Pebble who immediately began purring; phew he wasn't dead, but had hidden away somewhere and miraculously, Banjo had allowed him on the bed. Growling has stopped but hissing continues.

I await a feline behavioural plug-in diffuser ordered from an online Pet drug company in the hope that it will render Banjo reasonably soporific and hence maybe accept Pebble. Apparently it gives off pheramones (don't think I've spelt this correctly); maybe it will do me a power of good too! But what does one do when loaded with pheramones? Walk around Farmoor Reservoir!

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