Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Wheels are (nearly) in motion

There has been a slight change in the dynamics between the two cats; Pebble is now more confident, a little bigger and is asserting himself by trying to pounce on Banjo. She is still having none of it though and I hear hisses now and then.

I have decided to just leave them to it; I have resigned as Cat Nanny and now want to get the wheels in motion for my new business. Lots of research still to do and people to talk to.

Two and a half weeks have been taken over by the new kitten; enough! I had my nose nibbbled this morning as he attempted to wake me at 6 am. No sign of Banjo whose job is usually that of early morning wake up caller. Pebble is taking over the place, and I came downstairs to find eight rows of knitting off the needle and in a jumbled pile on the floor.

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