Thursday, 12 June 2008

Swimming with snakes wearing goggles

Ordinary Gym-ing today, starting with thirty minutes on the treadmill, walking very fast on an incline; followed by a leisurely swim. All was going well - just a couple in the jacuzzi and I alone in the pool with some scarce evening sun reflecting off the rippling water and bouncing around the wooden lapboard surroundings. In walked a man of about seventy-ish, with goggles on his head and started to swim nearby. I took no notice at first, then as I swam up and down I noticed his head turning to me under the surface as I swam past. He was oggling my submerged body parts through his goggles, straining his neck as he passed by. I was tempted to do a 'mooney' but thought he might have a seizure and drown. I got out of the pool not sure if I should be angry or just pity him.

As I left Reception, he was dressed and followed just a few paces behind me. I got in my car, watching him get into his. I drove the five miles along country roads towards my house and he was still behind me. I was now getting worried. I didn't turn off the B road into my lane but kept going... towards the next village. Somewhere he must have turned off... I no longer saw his car in my rear mirror. I went to the local co-op, bought a paper and made my way home again. He was nowhere in sight. I have an awful feeling that he may live in one of the few houses along my remote lane.

It's times like these that I am acutely aware of my loneliness, but I say to myself; 'he is in his seventies and I am a very tall, strong and healthy woman twenty years' his junior.

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Puddock said...

You are more than a match for a boring old fart like this. I'm sure you did the right thing not heading straight home though - better to be safe. I've done the same myself once or twice. I got it into my head that I had been followed from town, usually when it's dark - those anonymous headlights are so threatening.

What is it with sleazy men? I've decided to stay single and free - I can't face having to trail through the sleazebags to find a decent man.

Take care of yourself and those muscles!