Sunday, 8 June 2008

Ripley Castle and Craft shows

My good friend and I sat at tables outside the Marquee at Ripley Castle, resting our aching feet and weary bones while drinking tea and eating carrot cake. As I looked across the lake I saw three magnificent trees and just had to take a photo.

The craft stalls were good and varied and I gave in and bought a white whicker two-tiered fruit basket, some fancy ribbon and a rustic, green-painted mirrored shelf unit for the porch. I didn't plan to... it's just that when I see something that I know will be ideal for a certain 'spot' in my house, then I just have to buy it. I'm getting better acquainted with Yorkshire and have come to love the rolling hills and stone walls with little villages of substantial stone-built houses. However, the journey there and back can be tiring and long - depending on the time of day and traffic. Four hours there - due to two road accidents, road-works and an abnormal load, as well as the heavy tea-time traffic congestion.

As always, I love going places, but love coming back to my little home in West Oxfordshire; to my two cats, abundant garden and best of all... my king-sized bed, where I escape into my private world of dreams; some of the past and dreams of the future. Escapism is good... it keeps me sane and optimistic.

Checking my phone messages I discover there has been a family crisis. Don't know how to help, but help I must!

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