Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wellies for the Green Gym

I love the oriental poppy, fleeting as it is in it's sun-drenched bloom.

Yesterday I sunbathed... yes... topless in the privacy of my back garden, swathed in factor 16 and cat hair from a curious Pebble - not a good look!

Today, it was Green Gym-ing at the water meadows in Woodstock, with a large turn-out of Green Gym-mers. The Himalayan Balsam has grown tall and is about to flower, while nettles have also grown and prevented access to much of the Balsam. Wellies abounded and I spoke up in order to offer a pair of mine to a new member... but, my head or my mouth wasn't working and it came out as: "I have a spare pair of willies in my car..." It set the tone for the rest of the morning. Sorry!

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