Monday, 16 June 2008

A new Dawn and swimming with sharks

This was his favourite rose: New Dawn. I've taken many cuttings and given to various friends. A pale blush pink rose that faces East and gets the dawn sunshine. Everywhere in my home and garden are the reminders of his existence... long may they continue.

I went to the conventional Gym again, (not the Green Gym), and spent half an hour on the treadmill, keeping up with the pounding background music, then some stretching exercises. In the pool I quickly scanned for the sleazy water snake in goggles, but he was nowhere to be seen, allowing me to swim with Gusto, (whoever he may be)!

I may have mentioned before that a predatory woman frequents the pool, sauna, jacuzzi and just about every place on site, looking for men. She came into the pool as I stretched out on a lounger at the far end and away from the gathering groups. Her carefully coiffed hair did not get wet as she glided femininily (if that's the word), up the pool, her gold watch, necklace and bracelet glinting in the evening sun. I reckon she's older than me, but perfectly formed, in fact quite skinny, but suntanned, albeit fake. She moves slowly and purposefully; her carefully painted toenails accentuating her deep tan. There are a group of men talking loudly in the jacuzzi. She glides up the stairs from the pool and saunters over to the jacuzzi, seductively dropping her towel as she steps down into the bubbling water to join them. I watch, fascinated by her movements. The men stop talking and smile politely as she takes a dainty swig from her water bottle. Then the man who was talking earlier, continues. She laughs with them, trying to join in their conversation. As I watch, one of the men glances across the expanse of the pool and stares at me. I look away. I am not predatory and am quite shy. I could never be as bold as she.

I decide to swim two more lengths before leaving, and as I do so, the same man watches me and as I catch him staring, he turns away quickly. I climb up the steps out of the pool and have to walk past the jacuzzi to the exit. I take a quick, crafty (or so I thought) glance at the man who'd been watching me. Eyes meet and I look away. Too much, can't cope and I scurry into the ladies changing room leaving the female shark with her captive males, all bubbling away together.

He is actually quite attractive, well-formed and I've seen him often. It unnerves me though to think of another man in that way. Perhaps I'm still not ready. As I drove home I thought that if only the female shark could meet the male snake of my earlier post, I'm sure they'd be very happy!

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