Sunday, 23 September 2007

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Meanwhile back at my ranch I am in the long process of re-writing my CV in the hope I am still employable. I have impressive qualifications and a few other certificates including my 100 yards swimming and fire-fighting for managers. However, I have toyed with the idea of re-training in useful skills such as plumbing, because there seems to be a shortage - especially when I want one.

My young grandson yelled down the stair well, "the flush has broken and it wasn't me..." The modern push-button, imitation chrome flush button had disintegrated into small pieces; hmmm... how could it possibly have done so on it's own I asked my grandson who nose was peering over the cistern. He shrugged his shoulders while not meeting my eyes.

Now this is where searching the web is really good; in no time at all I had photographed the push button flush, and giving details of the make of the bathroom suite, sending off to local plumbing distributors, getting a response of one in stock just a few miles away. With boys in car we sped along, fetched the push button flush and with careful instructions from the nice man behind the counter as to how to fit, we sped home again. Within just one hour and 54 minutes, the new push-button flush was in place and working fine. Had I called a plumber I would have had to wait days for his call-out, a lot of shaking of the head and rubbing of the chin then for him to say it would take a while to locate this particular make, wait another few days or even weeks for him to call back, take 2 hours to fit, and then present me with the bill...

Meanwhile, Grandsons have had a re-cap on the correct way to flush!

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