Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Dubious phone calls

A day like any other - I thought. Preparing for my friends' visit this friday; cleaning, shopping, tidying garden, deciding menus; then the phone rings. "Can you give me details of your massages?" "Excuse me?" I reply. The line abruptly ceased. Hmmm. Another caller who misdialled. It happens now and again. I have had about a dozen calls of this nature over the last two years, usually at the weekends, never on a Wednesday morning before. Two years' ago, after the first couple of mis-dialled calls, my son-in-law-(in waiting), did a bit of detective work and discovered that my phone number is similar, apart from one digit to that of an Oxford-based sex club. I had thought about changing my number, but that would entail so much hassle. Instead, I have answered the calls with undisguised surprise, sometimes I get an apology, most times the line goes dead. It isn't the only type of misdialled occurrence; on a monday morning usually, I receive calls from people wanting to make an appointment with a doctor; is it coincidence? Is there a link? Is a Widget involved?

I smile as I imagine the expression on the poor caller's face as he realises his mistake; and can almost hear the expletive after he has rapidly hung up the phone.

Perhaps I should re-train as a Masseuse after all!

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