Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Breasts, Sunshine and Lunch

Yesterday was a real moody monday; wind howling across the open field, battering my nurtured verbena bonariensis and bending the last of the chocolate sunflowers to the ground. Only one thing for it: sit at the computer all day and try and paste in HTML codes to my blog - what else would one do on such a day? It was a good day for a breast scan too. My first! Previous tales of squashed breasts against cold metal and of guaranteed intense discomfort preceded my arrival at the travelling van parked outside the Doctor's surgery. Nurses sat drinking coffee, asked me a few questions and in no time I was naked from the waist up and leaning this way and that while the nurse with cold hands squashed my flesh into different positions on the X-ray machine. I'm passed being embarrassed, so do as I'm told without a murmur. In just under ten minutes it's all over, no discomfort, no pain - very clinical and matter of fact - good! I can tick that particular box, but await the results before doing so.

Postman brought an invitation to an interview next Monday - part-time library work at one of the University Libraries. I must brush up on the Dewey Decimal System and the University itself.

Today the wind has subsided, the verbenas have bounced back and the sun is gloriously shining down on my little patch of garden, lifting my spirits as I prepare for lunch with friends at a pub about 45 minutes' drive away. Two friends and colleagues from my past life, when as a Police Trainer in the golden days I met him and fell in love. They have been loyal, funny and there. We have these lunches every two or three months to catch up, laugh and reminisce. A reminder that I was once alive and participating in every aspect of life; and a little hope that one day I will again.

While not a day for pasting HTMLs, it is a day for a short blog, long lunch and smiles.

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