Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Restless in West Oxfordshire

I am thinking more and more about moving... finding a house that's every bit as good as the one I've got, but with a longer, more private garden. Somewhere detached without the continuous slamming of neighbours' doors; without the damage to my property by neighbours' teenage boys and their friends; the ability to park my car without manoeuvring around the parked cars of neighbours' friends and families' cars; and to be able to enjoy the privacy and tranquillity that comes with having one's own patch of land that is not overlooked. Am I asking too much? While I have a lovely home, I am not entirely happy here. What to do? It's a big decision and a costly one. The first step is to get my house valued and to look on the web to see what's available. The good part of all this is that I don't have to move.

Am I being Restless or Reckless?


Puddock said...

You are not being reckless OR restless! Your house might have been perfect for the life you had before, now you have a different life (dammit) and different needs. I am almost definitely moving this year too. I manage here but it doesn't suit me any more. It's like wearing a badly-fitting suit.

Good luck - get some estate agents in. They are desperate for custom just now so you should get some good deals.

Hogday said...

JennyB, I'll send you some of my AC/DC and Deep Purple cd's. You can put them on repeat @ max decibels, just before you go out for the day (or better, the weekend). Perhaps we could even fix up an auto-door slammer for good measure? (Cats in the cattery of course).