Monday, 23 February 2009

Hiding and Lost, or maybe a senior moment?

My cat thinks she is safe and invisible under the bare branches of the Kilmarnock Willow... a place she often escaped to last summer. I think it's because she's getting on a bit in cat years, and has started to have senior moments.

I too, hide when I can't face anyone, or can't be bothered to put on a happy smiley face to neighbours who don't understand my low moments. I hide indoors, put on my favourite music, get some incense burning, make myself a cappuccino and lately, paint something arty. When the back seizes up from sitting down too long, I put on Shania Twain and dance around the living room, doing various back-strengthening exercises while my cat looks at me as if I am having a senior moment.

Three and a half years down the line, I find my sense of humour has returned, albeit slightly more off-beat than I remember. When in London with daughters and grandchildren last week, one of the little treasures got lost in the Natural History museum. Instead of going into a panic, I found it highly amusing that the one child who always sticks to his mum like glue and never takes chances or risks, ended up getting lost somewhere between the great blue whale and the tourist shop. Not the response of a loving grandparent I hear you mutter. I suppose I knew that sooner or later he would be taken to wherever they gather lost children and someone over the tanoid system would call for his mother. I couldn't help but giggle on and off on the bus ride home to Oxford. It may have been another senior moment, or the fact that someone getting temporarily lost is not half as bad as losing someone permanently.


Puddock said...

Looks like it was a nice warm day down there in Oxfordshire - Spring is on the way at last.

Hope you enjoyed your jaunt to London. I'm jealous as I haven't been since the Golfer died. I love the mad architecture of the Natural History Museum, though it was always full of screaming kids any time I was there, which diminished the aura of the place somewhat.

You have expressed much more elegantly something of the feeling I was trying to express in my post yesterday - that once you have experienced great loss, other things don't seem the tragedies they might once have seemed. Delighted that your grandson turned up safe and sound though!

Annette said...

Yes,there are sometimes you want to 'hide away' from everyone.
Geoff goes out and I stay at home, where I am comfortable. I know what you mean.
Glad you found your grandson alright.

Hogday said...

I know people who strive to have every material thing, two in particular are in my Pilates class - expensive: cars, home, school for the kids, designer labels, designer holidays, designer spray on tans, nails, boobs, Rolex, spandex, husbandex....and still they are lost!

JennyB said...

Hogday, you are so right about some people having it all and still being lost. Perhaps none of us are ever truly content. It's nothing to do with money or being married... I still feel as though I've lost my right arm! I think some people are still searching for their right arm!