Monday, 28 April 2008

Writing a Novel is like doing a Jig-saw puzzle

I have moments where I can't get the words out fast enough; other moments are just like trying to find a missing piece of the puzzle. Then I close down the computer and do something else. By the next day, the blockage has cleared and I'm away again. I have a plan or a loose structure of how the novel is going to progress and end and am putting in all the dialogue and detail, trying hard to be discerning in how much to give to the reader, and how much to allow the reader to imagine themselves. I read and re-read to look upon my words as if I had just purchased the book and whether or not it 'hooked me'. It may be some time before I have something anywhere near readable. It may, and probably will be, unsuccessful, but the process is good and I enjoy it, especially when I'm on a roll. Just like a Jig-saw puzzle, the pieces seem not to belong anywhere, then all of a sudden a piece will slot in where you least expected it to. I am realistic enough to know that to get published is nigh on impossible, but if I don't try, I will always regret it. I have wanted to write since childhood, and used to tell my friends adventure stories, all completely made up and off the cuff. I have started several novels, but life got in the way. Now, having survived as best as possible the most awful of life's experiences, I feel I am now more qualified to write about people, emotions and intrique, than ever before.

I just hope that I get all the pieces in all the right places.


Puddock said...

Sounds like you're making good progress on the novel Jenny. It's great when it's working isn't it? Like you, I have always wanted to be a published writer and have decided that this is the year to find out if I am capable of it!

JennyB said...

Go for it girl! If I can try, then so can you.

Trouble is, mine keeps turning to humour at unexpected moments... I'm getting worried about me.

Let me know how you progress.

Puddock said...

Humour is good! Mine's funny too!

Jay said...

This struck a chord with me! Like you, I've wanted to write a book since childhood - didn't have the confidence to try when I was young, then the family came along ... when I got around to trying properly, I got a few non-fiction pieces published but nothing in fiction and I gave up. I too have decided that this is the year I'm really going for it and I'm working on a novel. I think what's stopped me in the past has been worrying what others will think so this time I'm just writing very honestly and hopefully it will be better.

Mine is going to be dark, but there will definitely be humour!

Good luck to you!

JennyB said...

Jay... this must be the year of new authors and I wish you well.

Keep at it! I saw a TV programme years' ago where the two guests were Leslie Thomas and Bernard Cornwall... both gave advice for new writers and the one piece of outstanding advice from both was, "don't be afraid of the blank page... write anything... you can always modify it later."