Sunday, 27 April 2008

Not so grim oop north!

The Harlow Carr Flower Show was a welcome change from all the rain and waiting for warmer Spring weather. I stayed with my good and faithful friends in Spofforth, Yorkshire and we spent Friday browsing amongst the crowds; gazing at amazing and artistic displays of plants and flowers forced into bloom for the occasion; bumping into Yorkshire Folk and sampling some Pork Pies.

I didn't intend to spend much, but came away with a 'distressed' wooden wall cabinet, a wooden pot holder and some scented broomsticks. Don't ask me why... it seemed a good idea at the time.

I managed to keep to the speed limit there and back to Yorkshire and still only took three hours and ten minutes, hence the need not to speed, (she says piously, pre the speed awareness course looming). Cats were fine this time... no hounding out of their den by the neighbours who have learnt from the previous experience, and for which I'm very grateful. Arrived home to discover that my daughter and grandsons actually saw me on the news last Wednesday night, sawing away at a branch for the 'Green Gym'. My Grandson was also on the news as part of an item regarding his school, making it a family newsnight.

It's so good to go away, especially to stay with friends with no hidden agendas where I can be myself, warts and all. It's so good to talk to people... I forget what an isolated life I tend to lead and must remember not to speak to people in the same tone that I speak to my cats.

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Puddock said...

Jenny, as usual you are saying all the things I'm thinking. Good friends with no hidden agendas - how rare and how much to be cherished.

Lucky you - going to Harlow Carr. Sounds as if you had a brilliant time, though I'd worry a bit about the scented broomsticks!