Sunday, 27 April 2008

Marital relations

Okay... I didn't intend to write yet another blog post on the same day, but, having sat myself down to write another chapter for my novel (please don't laugh), I wanted to add a few words to my online diary.

The bonsai tree is quite something to behold... perfect in formation and beauty; clipped with loving care to conform to a human being's vision of miniature perfection.

It has come to my notice that many married couples are not as happy as perhaps they should be. Since my lovely man left me for another place, I watch other couples with interest... sometimes smiling at the obvious love there is between two people; often, I am dismayed at the arguing and resignation of a situation that is not ideal. Why, in a lifetime that is so short, do people put up with imperfect lives, when it is in their power to change their lives? Yes, I know that my life may not seem perfect in many people's eyes, but, I do not have to put up with sarcasm, indifference, or bullying, all of which I have witnessed over the last couple of years among people I know and those I don't whom I've observed. Then again, perhaps those people who are being used, abused, bullied and taken for granted are, quite happy in their situation. Perhaps, we all receive what we subconsciously send signals out for? Or, perhaps some of us are just resigned to our 'lot' and the idea of changing anything is just too much to contemplate.

I had twenty-four years of being in an unhappy relationship, but stayed because of my children, and because, I had no income or means to support myself if I left. Once I gained a good job and my children had all left home, except for one, I met someone who was the catalyst for my leaving the prison of any existence. What has come to my notice is that there are so many more people in the same situation. If, I had just lived with my first husband, rather than marry him, I would not have been trapped for 24 years; I would have left him within the year. So, thankfully the world has moved on and people no longer feel they have to get married in order to co-habit. So much better than in my day.

I just had to say all this before I get back to my novel and the heroine in question. Thank you for indulging me.

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