Thursday, 17 April 2008

Roofers at work

I've been watching (not all the time) two men putting tiles on an extension of a house a little way down the lane from me. I'm impressed by how quickly they can do the job, without harness, thick clothing or gloves. They balance on just the apex of wooden baton, leaping around without too much apparent concern. I watch - in case I have to dial 999 and rush out with a blanket and soothing words. The wind howls across the open field and is now a bitter easterly one with no mercy, but still they labour on.

One of them also has a nice physique that I admire from a distance and sigh from distant memory of times gone by.

I'm about to clear out another compost heap, wearing woolly hat, my lovely man's old fleece jacket and a pair of boots to die for. Somehow I don't think the two roofers will be watching me in quite the same way.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Nothing like a couple of well built construction workers! Or you said one of them was well built at least...maybe you can find some work to hire them to do at your house! LOL...just kidding. Hope you have a great day!