Sunday, 6 April 2008

A New Bright Snowy April Day

The Garden Centre didn't go well... lifting, shifting and pushing three-tier trolleys and dealing with people... I was exhausted, tired, hungry, disillusioned and desperate for a pee. The Porta-Loo was overflowing, and for me, a no-go area. I arrived home in tears having told the Boss that the job wasn't for me. They were disappointed saying, "But your'e such a good worker and a quick learner." Yeah, and a mug too.

Never mind, onwards and hopefully upwards. My migraine has now gone and my sudden eruption of a cold sore is dying down - all signs of the stress and exhaustion I've suffered. I am more cheerful and have been out in the snow this morning to take photos of my beautiful early flowers.

Thank you Puddock for your kind words and understanding of the fragile existence of we widows who are struggling along a foggy path. May we both enjoy sunshine once again.

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