Monday, 11 February 2008

A Taste of Spring and Cream Teas

What to do on a sunny Sunday in February after a miserable grey winter so far? Not the decorating that's for sure! So out and about I went; going wherever the car took me and I ended up at Stow-on-the-Wold along with the world and his wife. Eventually found a parking space and then spent a couple of hours wandering around in and out of tourist shops and basking in the warm-ish sun rays.

I can't help but notice that on days such as these, there are couples everywhere and singletons like me are definitely in the minority. So where do all the other singletons go on a sunny weekend day I ask myself? Is there a venue somewhere that I'm not aware of where I could perhaps find someone to have a general conversation with, without tying myself down to an actual 'date'? Someone suggested I embark on a lot of late-night shopping trips... well, I don't have the money to keep shopping and I'm not convinced that this is where all the other singletons hang out.

Getting back to the day out... From Stow I drove around the Cotswolds, ending up in Bibury; nowhere to park so continued along roads never travelled before and came across some exquisite little villages with their butter-coloured stone houses; profusions of crocuses and snowdrops and everywhere birds were singing. I fancied a Cotwold Cream Tea and headed east until I found a remote sign to Burford, passing some travellers in ancient Gypsy caravans along the way. I couldn't understand the congested traffic as I crossed the A40 towards Burford, then I saw the reason; a horse had broken loose and was standing in the middle of the main road. Passers-by and police officers were trying to coax him onto the grass verge, one holding on to his mane with trepidation. I drove down into the village parking alongside the river Windrush where an abundance of ducks fought for a child's handful of bread.

I sat in the Priory Tea Rooms, warm, relaxed and enjoyed my scone, clotted cream and hot Tea.

So much better than painting the kitchen.

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