Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sunshine and Teeth

Another glorious day, so again, no decorating while the sun shines. Pruning the Buddleia and Lavatera as the sun's rays warmed my cheeks while Nat King Cole's warm, chocolatey tones drifted out through the open window, was sheer heaven.

The cats joined me, although Banjo kept her back to Pebble as if to reject his intrusion upon her up-till-now, sole domain of the garden. Each sudden noise sent him scurrying back indoors, only to creep outside again when perceived danger had passed.

I'm so tired... antibiotics the reason. Teeth have reacted to recent treatment, or bacteria has crept into new wounds, leaving me with tooth, gum and jaw-ache. I've been so careful with rinsing and cleaning too. Told to rest to let antibiotics work, no gym, no heavy work, no swimming or lifting. A little light pruning should be okay though.

The weather will change tomorrow. Who knows what else tomorrow will bring...

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