Saturday, 15 December 2007

Unruly Santas

In the absence of photos of Oxford City while shopping yesterday, I have this one of frozen pansies instead. I would have liked to post a picture of a Father Christmas but, I was frightened off while on an escalator in a department store yesterday. I was minding my own business while peering over the moving handrail, gazing at some boxes of family games, thinking that they would make good joint presents for the girls... when a loud 'Ho, Ho, Ho' bellowed out behind me. I turned round quickly to be confronted by a huge red and white fur covered extended belly of a huge man with a fake white beard. He began talking to me about how exhausted he was after spending hours bouncing children on his knee and was in dire need of a coffee. I smiled and turned to face front as the stairs levelled out at ground level. He followed me. Still talking to me about his seasonal work. I said, "Well, never mind, you can soon have a rest until next December." To which he replied, "I can't not work until then... I have to make a living doing all sorts of odd jobs you know..." and added, "perhaps you'd like to make a contribution to a very tall, good looking chap?" He pulled down his elasticated beard to show his face and smiled at me. I turned sharply and walked quickly away and hid behind the display of family games, unnerved and uneasy. Was he mad?

I didn't take the photos I'd planned to, nor did I get the presents on my list, nor did I find a suitable top to wear for Christmas day. I did have some great dental work done which is the start of a four-month long treatment, which should take me nicely into April when hopefully I can get my leg fixed. All I need now is an injection of self-belief so that I can deal with unruly Santas when they crop up!

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