Thursday, 13 December 2007

Frozen cabbages and cockles

It was bitterly cold at 8 am this morning as I stood on the doorstep giving Pebble a friendly boot out. Ornamental cabbages looked as if they'd break into pieces of ice. Pebble ran round my legs and back indoors, then to his litter tray. I suppose it's too much to ask a kitten to dig a hole in the frozen soil?

The phone rang, "You have a Dental appointment at 8 am tomorrow morning". I negotiated 9 am instead, thinking of the freezing icy morning that awaits and the umpteen cat feeding and litter tray emptying jobs to do. So, I can't get my jumpy leg fixed yet, but at least I can get my teeth fixed soon; a cosmetic job, long awaited and needed, especially if I'm going to start looking around for an available, single, tall, strong, reasonably-looking, honest, caring, gentle man of similar age to me ... who am I trying to kid! I have as much chance as flying to the moon. When one doesn't have any friends in the area, no contacts, no social life and no clue how to play the dating game, the odds are that single is the status I shall remain in for the rest of my life; and seeing the domestic wranglings and discontent of some others, perhaps it's not a bad state to be in after all.

The fact that I'm thinking about dating is a good sign; I'm moving on and thinking about the future instead of the past. I'm thinking a lot of things lately; new business, new me... who knows?

There was the man from the wood yard who fancied me, but his dialect was so strong I couldn't understand what he was saying; I thought we were talking about a length of 4" by 4", but he started laughing and I got confused. My daughter says she thinks he is married; so I haven't been back. Then there was the man behind the fish counter at the Supermarket who tried to impress me with the size of his frozen cockles - again, the local dialect seemed to distort my understanding of what he was saying, so I took his cockles and haven't been back since. Then there was the man at the Gym who chatted me up in the Jacuzzi; he was quite nice, but then his wife joined us too! I don't think there are any men of the type I'm looking for.

Anyway, best not plan anything ... 'cos it all goes wrong when I do. Dreams shatter like frozen cabbages.

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Poor Bronx Boy said...

Your best line was " dreams shatter like frozen cabbages". That was simply exquisite and touched all I'm sure

Thanks for the kind words after reading my "Food" story. I've never shared that with anyone before and kept it sanitized for the faint of heart.

Say, you're a darn good writer yourself. I like your fearless "voice" Well done. And I'm learning a lot form you about the British medical system.

Your single life perception and your breakthrough realizing that just thinking about dating is a good sign. Surprisingly living in a huge congested city as do I, singledom is the biggest issue here which is far from being solved.

As someone who is considering a major career change or starting a new business myself I'm curious what you have in mind. Unless its too personal to share.

Bye for now, stay warm and keep your leg in check.