Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A new Dawn

I was woken at 0530 this morning by both cats scrambling about on the bed; I made the mistake of moving my feet only to be pounced on by Pebble who has grown considerably, as too his teeth and claws. So I got up. A little later, I opened my bedroom blinds to see this gorgeous sky heralding the start of another day, another dawn.

Various phone calls followed from one or other daughters all checking on who is buying what present for whom; as if I know! I had other things on my mind; I was off to one of the Oxford hospitals for a chat with a consultant about my 'jumpy' leg, ie damaged nerve in my spine. He said he was stumped; didn't know what was causing it and didn't know what to do about it either except re-prescribe some pills I'd had two years' ago and which didn't make any difference. Or, he said I could have a jab in my left buttock that might work. So, armed with his bit of important paper I went to the Receptionist to book my injection. "The earliest appointment..." she hesitated and I wondered if I could fit it in before Christmas... "will be April"! A man sitting in the waiting room gasped, and asked if the injection was coming from the other side of the world. I left. What does it matter, I've waited four and a half years for one of the medical professionals to come up with a solution, and even a diagnosis, so what's a few more months? One doctor a couple of years' ago suggested "your left buttock is weak causing the main sciatic nerve to 'dip', so could I build the buttock muscle up with exercise"? It's very difficult to exercise just one buttock, but nevertheless that's what I've done - to no avail.

Meanwhile continue to wear jeans and trousers so as not to upset anyone in the vicinity who might glance across at my leg which appears to have a dozen worms writhing under the skin - not a sight for the faint-hearted. Or, perhaps I will wear some sheer tights and a cute little skirt this Christmas and just smile when anyone stares at my inhabited leg.

Ah, well, the new dawn always fills me with renewed hope and optimism, but by dusk I've faced reality again.

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