Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Fat Cat

It's official... Banjo is overweight and has to diet. I am supposed to be able to feel her ribs!! When she lies on her back, I can feel them, just as I can feel mine when I lay on my back!

The special and expensive biscuits that the Vet says I should dish out in small 35 gram portions once daily are doing the trick! Banjo detests them, so doesn't eat... and the weight is falling off her. Even Pebble doesn't like them.

Meanwhile, both cats are now socialising quite well; eating off the same tray and sleeping together under the sofa bed. So, I allowed them both to sleep on my bed last night; if only Pebble could understand that no-one else wants to run up and down the stairs at 3 am, nor do I want my shoulders washed or my hair eaten. And can I get him to go outside? No. For a wild cat, he prefers indoors. And today, Pebble was microchipped by a nice RSPCA man; so I haven't seen him since... he's gone to ground... under the sofa bed, while Banjo sits in the kitchen hoping for some decent food.

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Poor Bronx Boy said...

You know me so well already. I guess I do write in the moment and very much enjoy doing so for several reasons: Daily writing is a great exercise in just "doing", it allows me to keep a daily electronic journal, my few friends and family can communicate with me without having to pick up the phone and it saves me shrink time money. Ha.

The topic do I most enjoy writing about is my early childhood experiences in short story form. Although most believe our childhood was unique, I believe I have some interesting tales to share if I have the courage to reveal such intimate events in my life.

My mentor in that area is Issac Singer. If you've never read his works I suggest starting out with "Gimple the Fool" my favorite for amny reasons.

Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble on so let me bid you adieu(?)