Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bleak weekends

Why do I dislike weekends and Mondays when I like Fridays? Is it because Friday heralds the optimists' view that anything could happen at weekends? Saturday mornings are okay, but by Saturday night I'm already down at mouth... Sunday I think I might lie in, but new kitten and a cat with crossed legs won't allow it. The weather this weekend is stormy, wet, windy and bleak - so no outdoor work. Nothing on the TV to get excited about; I can't stand The X Factor and don't much like Football.

The Gym was busy this morning as I pounded on the treadmill; did a few weight-lifting things and had a short swim in the pool. Off to do some shopping and back in the windstorm to home. Am I missing out on something else to do at weekends? Instead I do some research on the web and have playtime with the cats; wow, I really know how to live at the weekends. This is the lull before the storm of Christmas and the miriad of things to do, make, cook and buy; and so I should be grateful of this quiet time.

We used to love our weekends together; always out and about, or having dinner parties with good friends. We would go out for a drive on Sundays and have one or other of my daughters round for lunch. We would watch a DVD, cuddle up and maybe iron a shirt for the next day.

All that has changed. I'm still little Miss No-Mates despite living here for two and a half years and despite trying to make friends at the Gym. So no friends to invite round. No-one to go out and about with. No-one to go to the Pub or Wine Bar with. Just as well I have the Cats to talk to... pity they can't give their opinion on the Labour Party's cash donor scandal, or the school-teacher being sentenced in Khartoum.

Thank you daughters for keeping me sane and letting me visit, phone and shop with you despite your own busy lives.

One day I might really look forward to weekends again.

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Puddock said...

Oh I so get this post! If you just substitute an old dog for two cats and living in the unfriendly Highlands instead of unfriendly Oxfordshire, our stories are identical.

I've tried really hard this last year to be upbeat and outgoing - joined clubs, took a job over Christmas in the hope of meeting people, even talked to people in shops like some mad old woman, all to little avail. Little Miss No-Mates - I really get that one!

But I think there is hope for us Jenny. I AM getting out more than I was and slowly, ever so slowly, my phone is filling up with new numbers, my diary with outings. We will get there, I'm sure!