Thursday, 10 December 2009

Time flies... sometimes

This was Pebble at approximately ten weeks... now he is over two years old and tall, long and weighs about 5 and a half kg. He gets along okay with Banjo who is well over 11 years old and they tolerate each other; sometimes they chase each other and Banjo will try and wash Pebble... for all of 30 seconds, when he dashes off or tries to rough and tumble with her. This results in some hissing from Banjo. They don't sleep together, but will lie alongside each other in front of the log fire and only when I am with them.

I don't know how Charlie is getting on in my daughter's household... I have been busy seeing GPs about some possible Gall Stone trouble! Not funny and very painful. Now I have to go for a scan. I'm so glad I have completed my Will!

When I looked back at the pictures of my two cats I realised just how quickly the last two years have gone by. It's now four years and three months since he died... sometimes it seems like yesterday - sometimes it seems a lifetime away. Time either stands still when you want it to move, or it flies when you forget to count the days.


Goodnight Vienna said...

You're right about time; it's very elastic. As a concept it has less meaning and becomes more of a feeling. Soon enough two years, four years, ten years become like yesterday and it's a bad place to be so I hope you find your way.

Don't worry about the gallstones - it's a simple keyhole op (mine didn't even need stitches, just butterfly dressings). Pain & a morphine drip is what you get if you don't have them attended to so good luck and keep pressing for an op.

Puddock said...

Hi Jenny - hope everything is all right. I'm a bit worried not having seen you around the blogosphere for a while.

I hope the scan went well, and Christmas, and New Year, and that the snow is not keeping you in.

Hugs from Scotland...:)

JennyB said...

Thank you both... still waiting for the scan; I have a date...21st Jan, but was told to phone up for any cancellations, but due to being snowed in and having grandsons around, this has not been possible. Not so sure I have Gall Stones, I shall now write a blog with the symptoms and hope someone other than the three doctors I've already seen can come up with an answer along with my own possible diagnosis.