Thursday, 19 November 2009


Well, this is the latest picture of my daughter's new addition to the family... Charlie! About one year old, overfed, never been allowed to play and still trying to 'fit in' with a household of two adults, two boys and an existing male cat who every now and then, attacks him... it's a cat territorial thing!

He is, however, so very affectionate and loves to climb on my lap, and snuggle in to the crook of my arm, turn over and lie with his legs in the air, purring while I stroke him.

However, Charlie has a little habit that's causing my daughter to be annoyed... namely he pees in the hall instead of going outside. Now my daughter wanted to rub his nose in the pee, thinking this would deter him. I explained that you only usually do that to puppies, certainly not cats! It's a sign that he is completely 'lost' in a house with an existing male cat and is trying hard to establish himself... with pee.

It's a shame my feet are in the background! Along with a 'Burford Garden Centre' shopping bag!


Kath said...

What a beautiful cat! and you're right about the nose rubbing, it dosent work for puppies either, which is why people stopped doing it about 20 years ago. Youre quite right when you say he is trying to "mark" his new home. I would suggest a "Feliway" lug-in from the vets. When I worked for our local vert, cat owners snag its praises. Full of calming pheramones apparently. Hope he settles down soon, I wish I could have a cuddle!

Hogday said...

I agree with Kath. Feliway is good. It also caused me to wash my face more often and take up all the space on the sofa ;)

JennyB said...

... as long as it's only your face you wash while taking up the sofa!

Kath said...

How is the lovely boy getting on Jenny?