Sunday, 19 July 2009

Up the garden path

More money needed! My front tooth veneer happened to split... my fault... I was trying to break cheap selotape with my teeth while in a hurry to wrap up my grandson's birthday present. Later when I discovered the damaged veneer, I looked everywhere for the piece of veneer in the hope it could be stuck back on... but I think it went with the present to the grandson and is now at the refuse tip stuck to the wrapping.

The dentist gave me a quote for a new veneer... £379!! Or, I could opt for a crown, he said. Nope, can't do that... the tooth isn't strong enough having undergone an Apesectomy years' ago... No, I don't know what an Apesectomy is either, just that it was painful and bears no relation to looking like an Ape, hmmm, well I don't think so...

Then there's the bill for the recent Heating problem and the bill for the recent car MOT... then there's the increased Electricity bill... how?? When I use tea-lights, hardly use the cooker or hob, keep the TV switched off and everything else switched off when not in use!!

I've developed a good coping mechanism for pushing all these things away... I go for a swim and then go out in my garden. I love brushing against the lavender to get to my front door. The Postman doesn't like it very much... was that a Machete I saw him with yesterday?


Hogday said...

Yes, its that time again, to look very closely at a switch!
,a href="">do you look at this site?

Kippers Dickie said...

I am not at all keen on Dentists..and certainly not keen on spending loads of cash with will this cheer you up?..

A dentist named Archibald Moss
Fell in love with a dainty Miss Ross,
But he held in abhorrence
Her Christian name…"Florence",
So he now calls her sweet "Dental Floss"!

I hope it's not too painful...and that your purse is the only place where it hurts!

JennyB said...

Thanks for the link Hogday... I shall look into it.

Love the 'ditty' KD, I'm now saving for my veneer... should get it sorted sometime in early September when I shall smile broadly once more!

CherryPie said...

I have arrived here via a link from Kippers Dickie's blog. I am glad I did I have enjoyed looking at your photographs and the wonderful poppy paintings.

JennyB said...

Thank you CherryPie... incidentally, my lovely departed man just loved Cherry Pie, it was his favourite with Apple Pie coming second. I love painting poppies and just wish I could do better... just like my school reports used to say!