Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lost in a bluebell wood

Oh to be lost in a bluebell wood and away from the tawdry revelations of Parliamentary Ministers and their fraudulent activities. I read today that one minister is annoyed that the real work of parliamentarians is on hold because of these revelations! Ughh... is it me? Or does anyone else think that Fraud is serious enough to warrant a hold on proceedings? As Boris has commented this week: 'I think this is a case for Plod to be called in.' Too true!

Then there are the 'whistle-blowers' themselves who upon revealing the expenses sham to the papers, wanted upwards of £300,000 for the information! Everyone's at it!

Today we read that the Queen is not amused and wants Brown to 'sort it'. I think Ma'am, that you've asked the wrong man. This is clearly a case for Doctor Who or Captain Jack... or Joanna Lumley.

Bring on an election - that's what I say!


Anonymous said...

Hi, wonderful photo by the way ! We have a few bluebells in our garden growing wild amongst the weeds which I really need to sort soon. I'm all for heads on poles on London Bridges where MPs are concerned or is that too gruesome I wonder :-)

Constable said...

Who can we trust these days? Friends and people you know you can trust. The rest of them can go forth and multiply.

The bluebell wood looks lovely. My dogs would be in their element there and my 2 year old would be grazing on the pretty blue flowers!

Hope you are well.

Regards J.

JennyB said...

Hi Constable and Nicola... the photo was taken by my artistic daughter Suzanne, who like me, is looking for work.

As for eating flowers... I think it's mandatory for all two-year olds, my own daughters of that age ate mainly daffodils and snapdragons while my back was turned.

As for the dodgy ministers... why use the Speaker as a scapegoat... sack 'em all and let's start again!