Sunday, 26 April 2009

Travelling by car

It's bloody hard... driving long hours on busy roads... namely the M1 at peak times. However, the journey wasn't too bad and a couple of stops on the way to wee and have a caffeine intake, all helped.

But, on arrival, having phoned from Nottingham services to say that I'd be just an hour and a bit, my friend was unexpectedly out upon my arrival. I found my mobile phone and sent a text saying 'I'm at your front door, I need a pee!' She had fallen asleep in the park nearby! I know she works hard and long at her very demanding job, and she is a very good friend, as too her husband who was also a good friend to my lovely man.

The following day we had a great time at the Harrogate Flower Show. I bought some fancy toadstools made out of copper; a frog and a snail, along with a rose. More was spent than I wanted, but then again, it was a trip with good friends and a wonderful day out. While wandering through one of the large marquees, I saw a collection of paintings; the artist sat at her desk, explaining to someone that she uses a mixture of gouache and watercolour. The effect was stunning! Mainly large poppy heads in different studies and colours... I felt inspired to try it out myself when I return home.

The journey back was okay, no real traffic problems and a stop at the Leicester Forest Services meant that I could make the whole journey without any major mishap. My cats really missed me and the garden seemed to have grown in just two days!

I really wish my friends lived nearer. A hundred and ninety miles away is too far! They are really good friends and I love them to bits! When life was really difficult for my lovely man and I, they were there for us. When so-called family members were giving us hassle and grief, our friends were there for us. Through all the crap from so-called family and from the work environment, our good friends were there for us. Now, after his untimely, sudden and premature death, if only we lived nearer to each other... we could meet more often and have more good days out. Life can be so complicated sometimes! In fact, life is too bloody short!! And even though I've survived three and a half years without him, I still don't know why I am on this planet. Life is too short to be fannying around. We only have one life! So why am I here? Perhaps I'm saying, what can I do to make a contribution to the World...

Meanwhile, I think I've caught a cold!


Miranda Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel. Everytime I take a long drive and exhaustion and traffic gets to me, I get migraines. Good thing I have cheap Soma to get me through them.

JennyB said...

Hi Miranda,

I caught a heavy cold and the journey has now passed into insignificance as I struggle to breathe. No, it's not swine flu as several people have asked, but nonetheless debilitating. Good to hear from you.

Constable said...


not commented before, not sure what to say other than I hope your bladder has recovered.

It's a bit inane I know but just to let you know that I do read and think.


JennyB said...

Thanks for your comment Constable... my blogs (I like to think), are a bit more amusing, but it was a bad day! Have since recovered from heavy cold and ready to blog with humour again!