Friday, 13 February 2009

A good screw

Well, I eventually managed to screw in the new door knob with the aid of a replacement screw... all were exchanged without a hitch at the big DIY superstore on the outskirts of Oxford. All my knobs are now matching and none are loose. I feel much better.

The last garden design session was yesterday and I proudly presented my Base Plan to the tutor and had to apologise for the muddy paw prints across the carefully drawn dimensions. It was a really good short course that has inspired me to look for another course that will take me further into the mysteries of garden design and horticulture.

It's so strange to me that I've discovered pleasures and talents that I didn't know I had, and which are so very different to previous career paths taken. I think it must be true that we often only achieve a fraction of what we can really do in life, and that we often fall into a career that is not wholly suited to us.

The worrying part about all this is that time is running out. Can I still achieve some pleasurable milestones before I die? I suppose finding a good screw for my wardrobe door knob was a mini-achievement!


Hogday said...

There's only one thing better than a good screw and thats a better one!

JennyB said...

Any screw is appreciated... I say!

Puddock said...

Go Jenny!

Of course you have time to achieve loads of things. I was reading somewhere recently about someone talking to an old lady of 100. She was asked if she had any regrets and said that she wished she had fulfilled her ambition, at 40, to take up the piano. If she had started then, she would now have been playing for sixty years! It is never too late.

JennyB said...

Puddock, you are absolutely right... and taking up the piano again is on my list... I just need to acquire a piano! What's on your list?