Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cabin Fever

I have tramped to and fro the snow for the last few days, to buy my paper and essentials from the little Post Office a mile away. I have hundreds of great pics to remind me of the magical wonder of snowy landscapes once the thaw sets in.

However, while adjusting my gloves outside the now busy and bustling shop - (full of neighbours I never knew I had who were snow-bound, despite most of them owning 4x4's), a few children - (schools closed), were playing nearby. One little girl wore a pink fluffy hat, she had big blue eyes, pink cheeks and red rosebud lips. Her blond curls were poking under her hat as she ran after two other children. What an angel, thought I... how cherubic and angelic looking against the backdrop of thick snow... in one defining moment my illusion was shattered; "Cum 'ere you fat smelly cow..." her voice trailed off as she scrambled ungainly further down the road trying to catch the others. Ah well, for a split second I was lost in my little world of perfection. Then, as I turned the corner by a not-so-reputable public house, a gang of teenage boys were having a snow-ball fight. I tentatively walked around them, deliberately not looking any of them in the eye, when a boy of about 12 came up to me with a handful of icy snow and with a smile on his face said, "Shall I?" I adopted my authoritative teacher's voice and said quickly, "No!" Then smiled, and ran as fast as my booted legs would go. He hurled the snowball at me but missed.

The roads remain icy; no snowploughs around here, and so I remain incarcerated and have now had enough and want to escape... go to the Gym, go to Garden Design class (cancelled), go to Art class (cancelled), go to latin dance class (cancelled). I am rapidly developing Cabin Fever, and don't like it very much.


powdergirl said...

Well, Jenny B.
I got those brushs out and instantly my oldest son swooped in and took over. He sketched an old Ford,Model T and is now coloring it up quite beautifully .Suppose I'll have to wait my turn or purchase more supplies.
BTW, if I ever catch him or his brother chucking snow at a lady, the beatings will commence with swiftness and severity!

Annette said...

It's amazing how many times you see a very pretty little girl only to be disappointed when they open their mouths!
Yes, it's nice to be back here with you, and I prefer Worcestershire to Oxford.
Having lived their for about 25 years before I left, Oxford has nothing to offer, only universities and if your not included in them,to be honest, Oxford has nothing to offer.

Hogday said...

Well Jenny, I thought the worst had passed until last night, on the way home from my last job, turning into the bend across the `causeway` and, `whoopee, whoa there, steady, back to normal` all in about 2 seconds. Nothing wakes you up like a patch of ice, especially when you're on the motorbike! Good excuse for a vin rouge, grande! Make a note of the snowball faces and I'll do a Mr Nasty on them - no visible marks assured ;)

JennyB said...

Thank you Hogday for your gallant thoughts. Steady on that bike of yours... it must be difficult controlling an enormous beast between one's legs!?