Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wet on Dry

I still prefer skies! This example of 'Wet on Dry' isn't as good as I'd like... the buildings are a bit Dickensian, in other words the rooftops are all over the place. But the impression of reflection and misty evening sunlight is almost there!

At art class I attempted 'Wet on Wet' trying to copy the example of the teacher. Trouble is, I overworked the wet bit and ended up with 'backruns', which can look good in certain circumstances, but not on a still life of flowers. I was quite disheartened and went home with my bottom lip jutting out.

I've since practised at home and I'm still not adept at it. I bought another art book at a sale yesterday and oh joy... it seems there are no hard and fast rules or techniques... anything is acceptable and style is whatever the artist prefers. This makes me feel better. I must just develop my own style and stop trying to perfectly copy others.

My garden design course is going well... I've got great ideas for my patch of land; pity I have no money, strength or energy to make my plans a reality. When I eventually draw my plans to scale and incorporate a bit of watercolour - for effect; I shall post it for comments.

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Hogday said...

Really good! The further away you are, the more you see, which I guess is what it's all about.