Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Simple and effective

After attending another art class, I've decided that the tutor's individual style doesn't really suit me. He has a very 'loose' style of a few flicked strokes, painting wet on dry, mostly. This is new to me... I much prefer 'wet on wet' for a more softer look. My shadows were not pale enough for his liking, so aiming to please, I re-wet the offending area and lifted out some colour with a piece of kitchen roll... much more to his liking! Nevertheless, I still haven't produced anything at the new art class that I think is suitable for posting here.

However the picture I have posted is an attempt at wet on dry and I think a child could've done better! The phrase "must try harder" comes to mind, although the sky looks reasonably okay. It's simple and effective... and that's all. There are no 'aargh... lovely' moments in this picture. I should just stick to skies.

Despite differences in style, the tutor is actually teaching and demonstrating different techniques, and next week, oh joy... we will be taking in such things as toothbrushes, credit cards... (no, we're not staying at a Travelodge) ... we will be attempting to create special effects on our artwork. Can't wait!

In pursuit of a new career, I trawled the web for Garden Design courses that give a qualification upon completion. One was upwards of £12,000 another was £5,000 and the cheapest was about £400. Tomorrow I shall ask the tutor of the short five week Adult Education course I'm currently attending for advice on alternatives.

There must be something simple and effective I can do to earn a small living?

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Hogday said...

Hi JennyB. Just returned from my pilates class. `Us gals` were talking art classes. It turns out the father of one of them teaches art. It turns out that the arties amongst them have all had similar probs as you in respect of tutoring styles (or not)and have changed classes a few times to suit, so its a common tutor-thing! As for wet on wet vs wet on dry?? I'm a wet on wet every time.