Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Green Gym and satisfaction

I have joined the Green Gym and can recommend it to anyone wishing to exert some energy, meet some new people and do something to conserve our environment. No pressure! All very informal and as long as you are willing to get down and dirty you will fit in.

I saw it advertised on 'The One Show' on BBC a couple of weeks' ago, and then looked it up on the internet; found a local 'Gym', emailed and went along. I worked hard in an old Victorian Walled Garden that needs renovating, along with some interesting and friendly people. I raked, dug, pruned and rescued a Toad, and for three hours on a cold sunny morning I forgot my quest for a part-time job. I ached the next day, but I felt good.

Since then, I have re-painted my kitchen, washed floors and tidied cupboards. Isn't it amazing how we often find things to do in order to feel useful and to stop depression creeping in? Still aching from all this physical work, I ate the last of my Easter Egg and had a glass of wine by the log fire and thought how lucky I am.

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Smartiplants said...

Sounds like a workout that satisfies both body and soul!