Saturday, 29 March 2008

Right turns down a different path

Just when I thought I was resigned to writing my novel, gardening and tending cats by the log fire, along comes the offer of a job. A phone message from one of the Garden centres I'd contacted a few weeks' ago asked me to call in for a chat, which I did... today! Not the usual commercial garden centre with all sorts of household goods and scented candles to boot! More a serious plant grower with a small retail outlet who are looking for someone enthusiastic for about three or four days a week. I shall be working there next week for two days to see if a) I like the job and b) they like me.

You see what I mean about Destiny? Just when you decide on a path, something happens that makes you take a right turn down a different road. Ah well, nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm very relaxed about it all and it will either work out or it won't.

As for dating online... what a farce! But, it has provided me with valuable insight and information towards my book. The heroine of the story has a few tales to tell as part of her journey to uncover a scam and unwittingly discover happiness along the way - maybe!

Meanwhile, I can't seem to get out of my contract with the dating site...

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Puddock said...

Hey Jenny - no reason why you can't do both - work in the nursery AND write that novel!