Friday, 4 July 2008

The sound of Gulls

I pulled weeds out of my West Oxfordshire windswept garden yesterday, idly letting my mind wander where it wanted, I thought about the sound of Sea-gulls or rather, the lack of! Having spent a great deal of my life living near the sea, I now find that in my land-locked area the sound of Gulls is something I miss; that and the light in the sky, which is always brighter due to the reflection off the expanse of sea. I also miss the beach walks and beach-combing, along with the salty air. I suppose it's the time of year when others around me are preparing to go on holiday and I am unable to afford a holiday this year. And, when we can't have something we crave it more.

Perhaps I could drive down to the south coast sometime soon; it's only two hours; spend the day on the beach with a picnic, paddle in the cold water and breathe in the salty air. That's the thing with being single and out of a job... if I can afford the petrol, I have the freedom to do whatever I want.

A Pigeon sat on the overhead wire above my car, so I clapped my hands loudly to scare it away. I prefer Gulls any day, although come to think of it; excrement from either can really mess up my car.


Puddock said...

Hi Jenny

How's it going? Hope you're doing okay. I'm struggling a bit, I have to admit - feel as if after 3 years of being brave, it's all catching up on me. This bl*&%y weather doesn't help, mind you.

Everywhere I go I see couples and it's driving me mad - more than ever before. I AM SO LONELY!

So much so that I am going to sign on with an introduction agency on the basis that anything's got to be better than this!

Sending hugs across the miles from the mad (and very cold) Highlands

Richard said...

Hi Jenny, I love being near the sea too even though i've lived most of my life in the countryside. The coast is always changing due to the tides and winds so it always gives you something new to look at. The countryside just lacks beautiful as some of it is. As for pidgeons...well.. pidgeons = flying rats :-)

JennyB said...

I'm with you Puddock... on the being LONELY issue. It's nearly three years for me too and I'm tired of being brave and being optimistic. Something must happen soon...!

As for being near the sea, Richard I agree Pidgeons are just flying rats and Pebble caught one the other day but didn't know what to do with it, so it got away leaving a heap of feathers, some still in Pebble's mouth. Yorkshire is lovely, so too is Oxfordshire and just about every other country shire in this country. But the sea is special and I still crave to be near it.

Hope you're well.